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Thomas J. Reed, Jr., longtime editor of our Facebook page's daily dose of the D's culture, community and history, has re-branded that page as "The Detroitists!"  Be sure to like the page at this link.  Meanwhile, Digging Detroit has a new FB page you can like to keep up to date on what's happening on this website.  And don't forget, we're open to all contributors of video, photography, writing and podcasting!

New Podcast! Detroit Blues Society

Since 1985, the non-profit Detroit Blues Society has worked to preserve and expand Detroit's amazingly rich history of "the foundation of all American music."  Join host Pete Kalinski and two officers of the DBS at Boo's Music Bistro as they share the group's history, vision and journey.  Co-produced by MMD Productions.


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New Episode 18: Dearborn’s Arab American National Museum


Some Arab Americans in metro Detroit trace their family back five generations, to the 1880s--while some have only just arrived.  To honor metro-Detroit's extensive role in offering haven and opportunity to one of the most influential waves of immigrants to the United States, Dearborn was selected as the site for the ten-year old Arab American National Museum.  Host Pete Kalinski visits with Dr. Matthew Stiffler who shares the background of the museum and takes us on a tour through Hollywood, NASA, pro sports--and the heart of the culture, the kitchen!  Dr. Stiffler helps bust a few myths--most notably that there are Arab Christians, Jews and Muslims, and that the museum is a home for all nationalities who have pursued the American dream.  (See more!)

New Podcast! Archivist Roundup 2 – Detroit’s Jewish History

Tune in to our latest podcast, another Archivist's Roundup as we visit with four archivists and historians about Detroit's rich and varied Jewish history. The archivists share how they collect and preserve the stories of Detroit's Jewish community and also how they help connect today's generation with their heritage.


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Part 2 – Amazing Women of Michigan History – Podcast



Second of 2 episodes featuring fascinating women of Michigan history, Digging Detroit host Thomas J. Reed, Jr. is joined by Samantha Lawrence, Sabrina Nelson, Emily B. Corwin and Bailey Sisoy Isgro–each sharing their favorite women of Michigan history–ranging from a supreme court justice, a surgeon, an artist to a brothel-owner. Click here for more.

Episode 17: Birthplace of the Model T – Ford Piquette Avenue Plant


In 1904, Henry Ford purchased three acres beside a railroad line off Woodward and moved his new car company from Mack to Piquette Avenue. Join Digging Detroit with special guest Tom Genova and come explore the historic Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, rescued from demolition and transformed into an amazing collection of priceless cars and fascinating stories about six revolutionary years for Detroit and America.   (Read more!)


Part 1 – Amazing Women of Michigan History – Podcast



In this first of 2 episodes featuring fascinating women of Michigan history, Digging Detroit host Thomas J. Reed, Jr. is joined by Samantha Lawrence, Sabrina Nelson, Emily B. Corwin and Bailey Sisoy Isgro–each sharing their favorite women of Michigan history–ranging from a supreme court justice, a surgeon, an artist to a brothel-owner. Click here for more.

Episode 16 – Slavery in Detroit


Detroit has historically been seen as the last station on the Underground Railroad yet many of its residents including merchants, priests and illustrious citizens such as Brush and Macomb were slaveowners.  Digging Detroit meets Prof. Tiya Miles of the University of Michigan and her team of  students uncover a history of the colonial city that few remember or care to admit.  Click here for more.

Highlights from Detroit Trivia Soiree II – at the 1876 Two Way Inn

New Episode 15! An Original Rosie – Marjorie Walters



In October 2015 the Guinness Record for the most Rosie the Riveters in one place was shattered in the heart of the arsenal of democracy.  Over two thousand women paid tribute to the women of WWII by wearing red bandanas–and many original Rosies were there as well.  Join our special guest host and author of the new book Detroit in World War IIGregory Sumner, as he visits one of those original Rosies, Marjorie Walters of nearby Ypsilanti who from Wisconsin to find work in Detroit’s stove plants until the war began and she began her three years assembling bomber wings at Ford’s massive Willow Run plant.  Click here for more.

Episode 14: Rails-to-Tales – Detroit’s Inner Circle Greenway


Join Digging Detroit and special guest host Gatini Tinsley of the Oakland Press as she spends an afternoon with Todd Scott, the leader of the non-profit rails-to-trails effort, the Detroit Greenways Coalition, as he takes us on the historic sites of the future 23-mile bike loop around the city that will not only spur exercise but also commuter options and increased value in commercial and private property!  Read more!

Podcast: “Detroit in WWII” with Author Gregory Sumner

A look inside the "Arsenal of Democracy" as Professor Gregory Sumner of University of Detroit Mercy joins Digging Detroit's Thomas J. Reed Jr. and Detroit History Tours' Bailey Sisoy Isgro at Detroit's historic Abick's Bar.   Sumner previews his upcoming book-signing, Detroit in WWIIat Abick's on November 10, 2015.  (Read More)

Episode 13: Treasures from the Burton Collection at the DPL

Few Detroiters realize the treasures in the stacks of the Detroit Library's Burton Historical Collection.  Join us as we share some amazing treasures including the letter urging Abraham Lincoln to grow whiskers and the wampum belt deed for Belle Isle.  Read more!

Episode 12! WGPR TV’s 40th Anniversary: Dr. Banks’ Vision to Transform Detroit Media, Message & Messengers

On September 29, 1975, the nation's first African-America-owned television station took the air.  Join us as we visit Amyre Makupson and 8 others who have shared in the dream of Dr. William Banks.  (Read more!)


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New Podcast! Archivist Roundup – What to Keep, What to Throw Away

Episode 11: Four Generations, One Detroit Home – The Sisoy Family

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Episode 10: The Assassination of Jerry Buckley, Detroit’s Voice of the People

Episode 9: Henry the Hatter – History & Haberdashery

New Student Documentary from Paris Burton: Restoring Theaters, Revitalizing Neighborhoods in Detroit

Episode 8: Cinema Detroit – 100 Year-Old School Thrives as Indie Film House

Episode 7!  The Ernie Harwell Collection at the Detroit Public Library

New Podcast:  GM's "Google Years" of the 1950s and 1960s

Ken Pickering, GM's retired Director of Engineering, joins Digging Detroit's Kevin Walsh and Pete Kalinski to discuss his career in the exciting years of design in the 1950s and beyond.

  • Moving from western Pennsylvania to WWII to GM
  • Hard work combined with some great breaks
  • Harley Earl & Bill Mitchell
  • How long a car takes from design to production
  • Women in design via Harley Earl
  • The Corvette SR2 created in 5 weeks for Earl’s son
  • Henry Ford, Willow Run and the Arsenal of Democracy
  • Motorama—Harley Earl’s Manhattan Runway
  • Man’s love-affair with cars

Episode 6: The Navin Field Grounds Crew

Episode 5:   Detroit's Nain Rouge -

Episode 4: Detroit’s Historic Theatres

The Backstory of Digging Detroit

Episode 2: “Rediscovering Detroit…One Bar at a Time”

Episode 1: Tommy’s – Inside a Detroit Speakeasy – October 30, 2014


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