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Pete Kalinski

Pete is a proud Spartan (and Wayne State Warrior) whose profession is Archivist and History Instructor at a local community college where he’s been teaching Michigan History (along with US History and World History) for over 10 years. A self-described “history nerd,” Pete has dedicated his life to constantly remind people that history matters…so pay attention.




Thomas J. Reed, Jr.

Tom is currently an independent grant writer at Third Coast Consultants, LLC. With a background in Public Relations, journalism, and Information Technology he is now working to enable others to improve communities throughout the Detroit metro area.




Kevin Walsh

Kevin is a media educator, photographer and freelance video producer.  His blog MyMediaDiary.com is featured regularly in Huffington Post and his podcast can be found on iTunes.  His 2006 secondary media production text, Video Direct, is used in over 40 states.

For freelance video work, see Kevin's website: MMD Productions.



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