Mike’s Really Haunted Detroit – Part 1

Butler / Ganong Cemetery

Ganong Cemetery Gates

Located a few miles west of Detroit in the city of Westland, MI, is the Ganong Cemetery. Originally named Butler Cemetery, the name was changed in the late 1800’s when a local farmer named William Ganong purchased a plot of land next to the Butler Cemetery to inter family members who had passed away, especially those who perished in the Civil War. Along with 25 other family member’s, William Ganong’s 17-year-old son, Albert, is buried here. He died in the famous Libby Prison as a Union POW. He rests here with at least 300 others. Many of those buried here are now unaccounted for as their tombstones have either become lost, stolen or broken over time.


Ganong Cemetery on Henry Ruff Road, between Van Born and Michigan Avenue, is a short distance away from another recognized haunted site, Eloise.

Ganong Cemetery - Wide

The Cemetery earned a reputation for being haunted after several car accidents occurred on the curve in front of the land. Drivers claimed that they were swerving to avoid a blonde haired woman in a white dress who had run out in front of traffic. Once a site for those practicing the occult, Wiccans and curious teenagers, the cemetery got its shot at stardom when the locally famous Gundella the Green Witch (Marion Kuclo) visited the site and found a decaying body with blonde hair partially out of a broken coffin which appeared to have been dug up. The police rationalized that the coffin became exposed after heavy rains. Ganong Cemetery is also home to several tombstones which list the deceased by first name or don’t have dates of death chiseled into them.

Ganong Cemetery

As a side note, Gundella’s daughter, Veronica Kuclo-Raub, was stabbed repeatedly by her husband on Halloween night, 1999. Marion and her husband owned and operated a store on Middlebelt Road which sold Wiccan and Spiritual books and trinkets. Kuclo’s husband drowned her in bathtub filled with green water and then stabbed her three times before placing her body on their bed. It was apparently part of a cleansing ritual.


Ganong Cemetery is open for visitation every day during daylight hours but closes at 5pm.

Cemetery closes at 5pm daily

Cemetery closes at 5pm daily

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