New Episode! Dearborn’s Arab American National Museum

Some Arab Americans in metro Detroit trace their family back five generations, to the 1880s–while some have only just arrived.  To honor metro-Detroit’s extensive role in offering haven and opportunity to one of the most influential waves of immigrants to the United States, Dearborn was selected as the site for the ten-year old Arab American National Museum.  (See episode below.)

Host Pete Kalinski visits with Dr. Matthew Stiffler who shares the background of the museum and takes us on a tour through Hollywood, NASA, pro sports–and the heart of the culture, the kitchen!  Dr. Stiffler helps bust a few myths–most notably that there are Arab Christians, Jews and Muslims, and that the museum is a home for all nationalities who have pursued the American dream.


Being “Arab” doesn’t mean your religion, it means your roots trace back to these nations.

Big Pot

What’s the mistake in this picture that every Arab American visitor likes to point out?


So why are there domes?  You’ll find out!


The museum’s Ellis Island exhibit speaks to hundreds of cultures.


13624 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48126


Dr. Matthew Stiffler and Digging Detroit’s Pete Kalinski


Host: Pete Kalinski

Guest:  Matthew Stiffler, Ph.D.

Director/Camera/Editor:  Kevin Walsh

On-Site Sound:  Thomas J. Reed, Jr.

Images Courtesy of:  Benson Ford Research Center, Wikimedia Commons and the Arab American National Museum (link)

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