Digging Detroit: Three-Weeks-Old and Counting…

We’ve had a great first three weeks of existence at Digging Detroit and want to once again thank Tom Burelle, owner of Tommy’s Detroit Bar & Grill, for letting us launch our show in his basement/speakeasy. (See it again below!)

We’ve had over 1,300 YouTube views, 425+ Facebook likes and 1,200 visitors to this site.  Oakland County’s public-access, CMNTV will also begin airing Episode 1, “Tommy’s” on Wednesday, December 3rd at 9:30 pm in 11 different cities–140,000 households!

The groundswell of support has been terrific with most emails, Facebook posts and conversations sharing one common thread–deep pride in our city.  Detroit is over 300 years old, something few towns west of the 13 colonies can boast with history running very deep–covering fur trading, the War of 1812, the underground railroad, stove-production, tobacco long before cars, bootlegging and Motown.

But as we discovered two nights ago with 40+ fellow fans of the city on a Prohibition tour with Mickey Lyons and the Detroit Bus Company, our own family histories run deep here as well.  Ask your neighbors in any Detroit suburb–or even “up north,” odds are that their parents, grandparents or great grandparents lived in Detroit–many coming here in the 1920s and 1930s to build cars.  All of us want to the city thrive and be successful–whether we live in town or not.

One of the nicer side-effects we didn’t really plan on has been this website, the Facebook posts and our ability to share other amazing historical resources, cool tours and local groups.  We hope you can visit our Detroit Sites and Tours page to check these out.

“So, what are you guys doing next?” is the common question–and a great one.  That’s when we direct folks to our Submit an Idea page.  We’ve already done some preliminary work on the Detroit Bus Company’s tour as well as the Navin Field Grounds Crew with more shoots coming soon.  Stay tuned for sneak-peeks and a trailer or two!

Thanks again, everyone!

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Here’s Episode 1 again…



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