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About our podcast…

We’ve got a few episodes in the hopper, so keep an eye on this page to get them as they’re released. Our goal to release one a week, but starting out, we are releasing two a month.

If you’ve got suggestions for story ideas, or questions about things you’ve seen around the metro area please feel to drop us a message through Facebook, Twitter or email. We’ll try to tackle as many as we can manage.

Episode 4: Looking at Parducci

A new documentary on one of the leading architectural ornamentalists of the 20th century, Corrado Parducci, was screened during this year’s Detroit Design Week. We were honored to have producer Jennifer Barosso and director Jack P. Johnson in studio with us to discuss their work, Parducci: The Man Who Made Detroit Beautiful.

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Episode 3: Spooky “Spirits” of Detroit

Friend of the Detroitists and Digging Detroit, Mickey Lyons stops by to tell a few spooky tales of Detroit for the Halloween season. She also discusses her work with local historians, preservationists and research toward a book on Detroit’s drinking and social culture.

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Episode 2: Jewel of Detroit: Belle Isle

Detroiters are familiar with the most visible features of Detroit’s newest state park, Belle Isle, but there are some great stories behind them and there’s a lot that aren’t as well known. Lori Feret of the Belle Isle Conservancy shares her wealth of knowledge on the island and its treasures.
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Episode 1: Artistic Detroit

Our inaugural episode features active Detroit artist Sabrina Nelson and College for Creative Studies Dean of Undergraduate Studies and publisher of the Motown Review of Art blog Vince Carducci discussing art in and from Detroit.

Detroit is known for industry. The popular image of the city smokestacks, soot and cars. But the city has been a cradle of art for years.

European Detroit, for instance, was founded on fashion. The demand for beaver pelts to make hats was one of the resources that brought Cadillac to pack up the canoe and paddle down the coast.

From the architectural adornments of Parducci to the massive murals of Rivera, Detroit has, and still does, foster artists of many different stripes. Commissions of visiting talents like Shepherd Ferry and the work of local designers like John Varvatos and countless automotive employees contribute

Detroit concepts to the larger American culture.

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