New Episode 15: An Original Rosie – Marjorie Walters

Join us for Digging Detroit’s Episode 15  An Original Rosie – Marjorie Walters…

In October 2015 the Guinness Record for the most Rosie the Riveters in one place was shattered in the heart of the arsenal of democracy.  Over two thousand women paid tribute to the women of WWII by wearing red bandanas–and many original Rosies were there as well.

Join our special guest host and author of the new book Detroit in World War IIGregory Sumner, as he visits one of those original Rosies, Marjorie Walters of nearby Ypsilanti who from Wisconsin to find work in Detroit’s stove plants until the war began and she began her three years assembling bomber wings at Ford’s massive Willow Run plant.  Marjorie shares…

  • Her memories of the Depression,
  • Seeing both President Coolidge and President Roosevelt,
  • Pearl Harbor,
  • Meeting her husband on the job and
  • What she did in her spare time after a long hot day in the plant.

You can also watch the entire 80 minute conversation at the bottom of this page…

Prof. Sumner also shared his book on our podcast at this link.




Marge and Greg




Host:  Pete Kalinski

Special Guest Host:  Greg Sumner, Ph.D. University of Detroit-Mercy

Director, Camera, Editing:  Kevin Walsh

Images courtesy of Marjorie Walters and the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Produced by Pete Kalinski, Thomas J. Reed, Jr., and Kevin Walsh

Copyright 2016, All rights reserved.

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Oral History Link:  Below is the entire 80 minute interview (one camera) between Marjorie and Prof. Sumner on November 2, 2015 at her Ypsilanti home.

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