New Partner Podcast: History Bedtime Stories Episode #1 – J.L. Hudson’s Memories

**We are pleased to share this new podcast from our friends at Detroit History Club, featuring its executive director Bailey Sisoy Moore with History Tours producer and tour-guide Kevin Walsh (also a Digging Detroit producer). More information, photos and even a Maurice Salad recipe on the Detroit History Club’s website.

The legend and magic of Detroit’s department store giant J. L. Hudson is the special holiday focus for the inaugural episode of History Bedtime Stories with the Detroit History Club. In addition to amazing behind-the-counter stories, you’ll also hear about the famous Maurice Salad (and how to make your own), join special guest Luke McGrail who moderates an immensely popular Facebook page dedicated to Hudsons and hear from our own listeners who were invited to share their own memories.  More info below.


  • 0:00 Intro with Bailey & Kevin
  • 3:09  Audience Call-Ins #1 Memories of Hudsons (Mike & Eva)
  • 6:34 Counting Sheep:  Hudsons by-the-numbers, amazing stats about an amazing store
  • 9:25 Special Guest Luke McGrail, architect/historian and moderator of the JL Hudsons Department Store Facebook group with 28,000 followers
  • 20:40 Audience Call-Ins #2  Memories of Hudsons (Jo, Maryanne and Anna on behalf of her 97 year-old Aunt Joan)
  • 22:47 Bedtime Snack: Hudson’s famous Maurice Salad!
  • 27:19 Audience Call-Ins #3 Memories of Hudsons (Michelle & Kevin)
  • 30:56 The origin of Bailey’s History Bedtime Stories during the pandemic
  • 34:14 This Month’s Bedtime Story:  J.L. Hudson
  • 56:00 Special Thanks & Next Episode #2: Detroit and the WPA

Next Podcast! You’re invited to share your stories the New Deal in Detroit including the WPA and the CCC’s projects in the Motor City, by calling 313-466-2830 and leaving a short message along with your name and city.

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Hosts: Bailey Sisoy Moore and Kevin Walsh

Produced by Kevin Walsh at the Detroit History Club in Hamtramck, Michigan.

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