New Podcast “Detroit in World War II” with Author Greg Sumner at Historic Abicks Bar

A look inside the “Arsenal of Democracy” as Professor Gregory Sumner of University of Detroit Mercy joins Digging Detroit’s Thomas J. Reed Jr. and Detroit History ToursBailey Sisoy Isgro at Detroit’s historic Abick’s Bar.   Sumner previews his upcoming book-signing, Detroit in WWIIat Abick’s on November 10, 2015.  


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Kevin Walsh, Prof. Greg Sumner, Bailey Sisoy-Isgro and Thomas J. Reed, Jr.

Kevin Walsh, Prof. Greg Sumner, Bailey Sisoy Isgro and Thomas J. Reed, Jr. at the recording session in Abick’s historic cigar room.


Thanks to our Abick’s host, Eric and Kit, we visit with Prof. Sumner in the cigar room–formerly a barber shop.  Amazing eats was provided once again by Andy Surowiec of Smokin’ Pole BBQ!

You can also check out Greg’s interview with an original Rosie in our 15th episode at this link!

Topics include:

  • Advantages of being an Hoosier looking in at Detroit
  • Coming out of isolationism with the $1 men and patriotism of Joe Louis and  Edsel Ford
  • Warren Tanks and Willow Run–designed by the son of a German rabbi
  • Soldier Hank Greenberg’s home run–“hitting one against Hitler”
  • The third shift–and loosening of conventions for women and children
  • Female pay disparity greater now than in WWII
  • Racial tensions and the Detroit wartime riot
  • Detroit expressways created for WWII but ironically accelerating white flight–and who stayed.

Hosts:  Bailey Sisoy Isgro and Thomas J. Reed, Jr.

Producer:  Kevin Walsh and MyMediaDiary

Special thanks to…


Eric and Kit of Abick’s Bar 3500 Gilbert St, Detroit, MI 48210

Andy of Smokin’ Pole BBQ
Bailey, our co-host, of Detroit History Tours


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